Bebi Campus Administrative Unit

The Unit was created for the Bebi Satellite Campus of the College, which is along Kilometers 18 Obudu/Ranch Road in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State. Its functions are replica of the Registry Department of the College, as it represents the Registrar in the day to day running of the campus in all spheres of administrative and academic activities. Some of which includes:

Representing the Registrar as directed in all matters relating to Administrative and Academics.

Handling issues of discipline concerning staffs and students

Assessing staffs performance and overall supervision.

Ensuring peaceful and conducive environment for learning on campus.

Representing the campus in Quasi AP & DC matters, etc.

Deputy Registra’s Office

1. Kintum, Godwin Ushie
2. Kejohu Daniel
3. Ojo Gregory
4. Jumbo Mary Uboyie
5. Stephen, Eugene

Student Affairs

1. Ufada, Simon Ushie
2. Anase, Mathew Uyimuke
3. Afemmugwu, Godfrey

Kintum, Godwin Ushie
Deputy Registrar
Bebi Campus Administration

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