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The sport unit was established in 1995 to take of care of the sporting Needs of both staff and students of the college.

Presently, the unit has 10(ten) staffs among which there are:

a. 4coaches

b. 3Grounds men

c. 3Clerical officers

Since its inception in 1995,the spots unit has been saddled with the Task of organizing both intramural and extramural competitions for both staff and students. Our college, lead by the unit has participated in various competitions both at home and away in other colleges of education.

The various leadership of the college over the years has recognized the important role of the unit in bringing about the realization of health minds in healthy bodies. Consequently the unit has enjoyed special support both morally and financially.

For example in 2007 the unit organized and hosted NICEGA (about 52 colleges came). Before this, the unit lead the college to various staff and students games. The scope of this write up will not permit the listing of all the laurels Won by the college. However in 1996 in kano the unit won medals in volleyball. Again in 1998 in Maiduguri medals were won (bronze)

In 2000 it was the turn of ABU Zaria to host but could not. Llesha then hosted and again our college won medals.2013 saw us in minna NICEGA. Where we did wonderfully well (10th out of 52 colleges). Soon after the unit was established in 1995 the unit led staff to Gusau. Staff game in 2000 was in kano. The college was ably represented by the sports unit. 2006 staff games was at Agbor. the college was there. The last staff games in 2013 saw us winning mededs in chese, table staff games volleyball it is worth noting that college has again been awarded the rights to host 2014 NICEGA. This is an indication of the high esteem in which our college is held!

It is also very important to indicate some challenges faced by the unit The very hard financial crunch in the college and the county generally, has left our sports facilities in a sorry state. This has affected the proper realization of our vision .we are however, confident that this situation will improve soon and we shall be very happy to contribute to the healthy sporting environment in the college. In conclusion, the unit is ever grateful to the leadership of the college for the very special support the unit has enjoyed over the years.


1. Ewa Maurice Achua
2. Odida Gregory Abua
3. Noah Kyrian
4. Ashikem Demian A.
5. Abellegah John April
6. Ochui Bright M.
7. Igaba Kyrian Akpete
8. Ukpokong Je rome A.
9. Anyatan Columba Ogar
10. Unah Sampon Acogo

Maurice Ewa
Head of Sport Unit

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