Office of the Registrar

The Registrar’s office is an indispensible unit of tertiary institutions. The head of the unit is not just head of administration, personnel and records; he/she is also Secretary to the Governing Council of the institution. To function effectively, there are staff serving directly under the officer as listed below. The unit performs statutory and Ad-hoc duties that may arise from time to time.

As a principal officer, the Registrar is also secretary to Management, Tender/Procurement Planning Committees, Academic board and Chairman, staff development committee. The Registrar also implements policies of the institution and maintains it records.


1. Solomon Anya Alelele SAR
2. Edward Oshie Ogbang CSA
3. Akusam Joseph Edede. A.O II
4. Agianpuye Paul Agorye PROG. A II
5. Adah Fredrick Ukpunlipung A. O II
6. Akpo Jeremiah Bekwuapu E. O
7. Inde Stephen Inde CCO
8. Ushang Mary Sunday ACO
9. Adie Rose (Mrs.) AEO
10. Apu Mary Akunde (Mrs.) ACM
11. Eneji Martina Enaji (Mrs.) ACM
12. Okachi Maureen Atem CO

Mrs. Grace Andokie Undie

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